Lucky's Story

When Preparation Meets Opportunity they call it Success, or just a Magnificent Outcome!
by Heather Seems Natural Horsemanship Instructor

Lucky came into my Life in about 2009. This really pretty 15.1hh dark bay part bred Arab approximately 9/10 years old, very poor and extremely fearful but so willing, kind and gentle was purchased by a friend of mine. Her intention being to build him up, get him going and then find a home for him. About the same time one of my Clients was looking for a horse for her daughter. My Client, tried and bought Lucky.

All was going reasonably well until the daughter came off Lucky on the road, after he did a massive spook! The daughter lost her confidence in him and it was as if all Lucky’s wheels fell off! We came to realise that he had been doing his utmost to hold it together, but the accident was just too much!

This is where I was called in to help Lucky and my Client, with his confidence. Slowly but surely using Ken Faulkner’s methods of Horsemanship, Lucky did well from the ground. As we progressed to riding it was realised just how mentally, emotionally and physically damaed Lucky was. With help from the Spiritual, starting with Terry Shubrook who is a Creative Kinesiologist, using energy work, he distantly connected with Lucky and this was his findings:-

Have done session with Lucky which went as follows

A section of his soul was not fully integrated with him and had to be called in to begin session.

There were 3 negative energies present that should not have been.

  • 1 Entity located around lumbar spine 3 and had been present since the age of about 6 years
  • 2 Entity located right side of mid area of neck , present since age about 10 years
  • 3 Trauma located in Sacral chakra , present since age 2 years

All have been removed and spaces filled with light and love

There was also need for an attitude statement that should be read to him twice a day for three weeks if possible.

”I take responsibility for my attitudes and now chose to kindly, gently, lovingly, and supportively transmute, transform, transcend and dissolve My tendency to give up under stress …… into all encompassing love

I make the commitment to kindly, gently, lovingly, and supportively tackle obstacles with vigour, realise that my efforts are a form of success and focus on life as a series of possibilities.“

I started straight away reading this statement twice a day for the next 3 weeks. At the same time I also called upon Lavinia Stanbury an Acupuncturist who also has a wonderful gift of being able to communicate through her guides directly with the horses.

What Lucky shared, left us in tears

He had been very roughly handled and broken, he said he had tried to fight but he was not strong enough to get away, he has white hairs and a scar in his chin groove, they chased him with a tractor into barbed wire, he had been driven into by a vehicle, hence the scars to his back legs and arthritic changes in his hocks leaving him taking a slightly shorter stride with the left hind. He had a terrible pain in the region of the girth. There was more but he did not want to recall it.

I also called upon help from Bowen technique Practitioners Kerry Smith who used Lucky as a case study while she was training and Carolyne Allanson Bailey. Plus homeopathy.

Lucky used to jump almost a whole body jolt with fearfulness, after 3 weeks of the Attitude Statement he stopped jumping. With the therapies his body started to strengthen.

Continuing with the horsemanship skills that I now teach, particularly listening to the horse and not pushing them beyond what they can physically give, helping the horse to believe in themselves and showing how best they can move to be able to carry us on their backs. Strengthening and helping the horse to find balance in their bodies for themselves.

It was truly humbling to work with Lucky, using lateral flexion when girthing him up he could cope…… he did it for me. He had been so terrified of getting it wrong when I mounted him the first few attempts he had tried to gallop off, but again thanks to the procedure taught to me by Ken, Lucky was never been made to feel wrong and at each attempt he realised he could do it….. he did it for me. The first few steps on his back he knew that if when he got scared he could laterally flex and see me, I would listen and he felt safe……he did it for me. By using lateral flexion in movement and moving his hips he found balance. Helping him to learn to lift his back, in back up, he strengthened in his back legs. He tries so hard and gives unconditionally.

Although I had managed to ride Lucky he was still impulsive and jumpy, my Client having made the decision she did not want to ride him, gave Lucky to me. How wonderfully LUCKY was I?!?

All the Queen’s Horses 2017

It was in July last year (2016) I had a call from Ed Hannaford by coincidence just as I was driving my horses to the 6 day Ken Faulkner Clinic, would I like to ride in the New Years Day Parade in London “All the Queen’s Horses 2017”?

Took me all of a second to respond “Oh Yes Please!!!!” Ed proceeded to give me the details of the parade, the theme for our dress, is the film Laurence of Arabia….. my mind went into overdrive, which of my three horses do I take? In my heart my first thought was Lucky because he is now the most solid and reliable of all three projects, but would he be physically strong enough????

I asked the question to Lavinia “Am I to take Lucky, will he be strong enough”? she checked in with her guides and this was the answer:

I have a resounding YES YES YES! This has been given to you. And will further your message to humans with regards to these horses. He will do anything for you and trusts you will look after him. All is in the preparation. This time ahead is for you to give him the experience of all things human, so he can see humans are ok. And come in every guise and are not ALL BAD and hurtful. He has a message to give too......

“There is always hope for all those creatures that have been abused by mankind. Not all of mankind are cruel....and I MADE IT THROUGH the hard times because there was a human who believed in me!”

More tears!!!!

First job, I had to update Lucky’s passport, which I sent off. I had a very interesting email by return:

“Hi Heather Lucky is indeed Lucky, the first name in the passport is that of a dealer who was implicated in a huge welfare case in Amersham about eight years ago. When the premises were raided they found dead and dying horses and donkeys, and he subsequently went to prison.

Your passport will be on its way back to you this afternoon.”

Lucky had been lucky enough to walk out of the worst welfare case in the Country….Spindles Farm, Amersham. Small wonder he was so traumatised, it explained so much and we then understood why there were things he found to horrific to relay to us.

The preparations started! We visited Bovey Tracey Carnival having missed the entry date so we rode along after the Carnival and the thing Lucky found the scariest was the lines in the tarmac!

We entered and took part in Moretonhampstead Carnival as a Clothes Horse which allowed me to be on the ground with Lucky, where he is most confident because he can see me! We took first prize! He was so brilliantly behaved and loved taking treats from the people in the crowd.

We followed the dustbin vehicle around the village, which at first Lucky wanted to turn and run from. But, he faced his fears and eventually enjoyed taking treats from the Dustbin men, who where so kind with him.

We did a practice ride with the three other team members and their horses. Ed and Chris Hannaford with their 2 Lusitano horses and Pete with his TB horse.

Eventually, the day arrived

Eventually, the day arrived, costumes bought and made, having acquired a 20yr old 4x4 to pull my trailer to get us there and having a very dear friend Fran Noble to accompany us and to walk with us on the route. He had a final treatment of Bowen and Acupuncture, along with stocking up on homeopathic remedies. We travelled up on the saturday 31st Dec and stabled the horses overnight in Egham we all stayed at a Travel Lodge.

The forecast was not good! Sunshine the day before and after but on the day is was showing torrential rain. We were not to be down hearted and took a very positive stance understanding the Universal Law of Attraction, it was going to be clear and sunny! It worked the Universe complied and we even had a glimpse of the sun! The only thing was our timing was a little out, as the heavens opened when we where packing up, but hey it didn't matter then! We did it! Lucky was a Super Star, very calm, totalled unfazed and didn't even sweat up travelling.

Well done Lucky, I love you with all my heart.